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Massive Pool

What makes Massive Pool unique?

Years of experience, trials and errors. All thanks to Poolsfactory Group, who gathered opinions and experiences from other customers using products of our other brands.
Their suggestions influenced the design of the pool, its lenght and whirpool in the pool basin. All these gathered ideas created a place where you can relax after difficult day, spend time with those you hold dear or have a meeting with your friend or potential business partner.
Quality has to be on the highest level, that is why:

  • 100 years guarantiee
  • The longest swimming pool with whirlpool in Europe
  • 10 layer wall construction
  • The thickest insulation corresponding to the 25 cm of styrofoam
  • The thickest steel reinforcement 80 x 80 mm.

Massive Pool

Length    Width    Height

12,50m    3,70m    1,55m